Special needs yoga helps my daughter to experience the joy of movement, breathing, relaxing, absorbing music and vibrations. Yoga helps Lucy to connect with her body and mind, helps her to understand different feelings and emotions within her body and mind. Thanks to yoga sessions, Lucy understands the meaning of ‘calm’ and is able to use breathing techniques every day, mainly during challenging times.

JB (mum of lovely Lucy, 8rs old, autistic, severe learning difficulties, complex communication needs)

Hi Charlie,

I just wanted to say how impressed I am. F had a bad couple of days Monday and Tuesday this week. Lots of sensory seeking, anxiety and anger, which led to some chair throwing and violence at school and the need for lots of time under her weighted blanket in the evenings. She has come home today a different child. She is relaxed and has actually sat STILL in front of the television for a whole hour! Normally she’d be moving around, upside down and sliding around on her skateboard right now.
I asked her, and she totally agrees that the yoga really helps her.
Seriously, I’ve never seen her so comfortable in her own skin.
Mum x

I’ve never seen her so comfortable in her own skin!

“Just want to say a massive Thank you to Charlie for breaking my yoga virginity! Truly awesome session I feel Amazing! For the first time in months my back pain has gone! X x”


“For the first time in months my back pain has gone!”

Loved it thank you so much for introducing me to yoga! I never thought I’d like it but I really LOVE it!! X


I really LOVE it!!