Yoga Lessons

My training is Ashtanga and Hatha based. My time in India followed the Ashtanga lineage tracing back to Krishnamacharya, as my teacher Lalit trained under K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. My main personal asana practice follows the Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Ashtanga Series. Ashtanga is a system of yoga focusing on strength as well as flexibility which for me supports my body in function and fun. The Hatha practice I draw on from my training with Special yoga (see below) balances this practice where a more grounding practice is required. With both of the styles of yoga I can use modifications and adjustments which makes my classes very inclusive and suitable for all ages and abilities.

The classes start off with a short focus on our breath where I guide you through a brief but very beneficial Pranayama (breath work) practice. From seated we slowly warm up our bodies to standing then go through a dynamic flow of Sun Saluations A & B. From here I lead the class through a selection of the Primary Series asanas (postures) with a focus in mind, for example hip openers or spinal twists. Each asana is held for 2-5 breaths and can be modified to make each asana more accessible to you. I can also provide physical adjustments for better alignment of your body, where appropriate. The practice concludes with everyone’s favourite, Shavasana (relaxation). This is a vital opportunity to assimilate all the physical benefits of the practice and allow yourself 5-10 mins of complete relaxation. I gently bring you out of relaxation and we complete our practice by joining together to chant/ sing “Om Shanti, shanti, shanti” then “Namaste” (the divine in me acknowledges the divine in you, a.k.a. “I’m awesome, you’re awesome”). This is followed by complimentary tea and chat.


I run community classes for all levels and experience, from complete yoga newbies to seasoned souls.

Men’s Yoga @ Lympstone village hall (committee room)

Men’s only yoga class at Lympstone village hall. A friendly and inclusive group for all abilities, ages and levels of fitness.

Tuesday’s 7:30pm-8:30pm, £7.50 (halft term block bookings)

Ashtanga led class @ Kiva & Zen studio, Topsham

A strong, dynamic class flowing through the primary led series in the gorgeous Kiva & Zen studio. We start strait into the Sun salutations which are a warm up in themselves, then run through the primary series. Each posture prepares you for the next through standing, seated and supine asanas. Before a well deserved shavasana we do a short pranyama (breathing) practice to settle you to make the most of your relaxation. A gentle wake up then chance for a lovely herbal tea and chat.

Wednesday’s 9:30-10:45am, £12 (10 class pass £100)

Exe View Shala

I have a custom built yoga shala in my house in Lympstone that comfortably accommodates 4 students.

Thursdays 8-9pm, £9 (half term block bookings)

1:1 @ Exe View Shala

For a personalised lesson designed specifically for you to start off your yoga journey or develop an existing practice with time and focus 1:1.

Please contact me to arrange time to fit you (9:30-3pm weekdays, term time only).

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